January 24, 2018
In this Twitter chat, we discussed the importance of safeguarding data at your organization, things to consider in protecting this information and how you can foster a culture of privacy awareness at all levels.
    January 17, 2018
    This Twitter chat – in honor of Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28 – highlighted how you can manage your Internet of Me and the personal information it collects.
      January 16, 2018
      It’s more important than ever to manage your privacy and keep your information secure. The challenge is knowing what to do.
        January 11, 2018
        AI and robots will cause societal growing pains, but both will largely prove valuable in many industries and applications such as health care, cybersecurity and transportation.
          January 10, 2018
          Did you know that Jan. 28 is Data Privacy Day? This day reminds us of the importance of privacy and ​protecting personal information. ​Data about yourself​ and ​your friends and family is continuously being collected and shared, which could affect your life in many ways. Data about you can be used in a variety of ways, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t expect or even approve. That’s why it is important to understand the value of your personal information and how to manage it when possible. This Twitter chat discussed why privacy is important and what you can do to protect your personal information.
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